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Operation Fresh Start announces new executive director

Brian McMahon, current deputy director of Operation Fresh Start, has been announced as the nonprofit's new executive director.


Operation Fresh Start (OFS) strives to empower young adults ages 16-24 on a path to self-sufficiency through education, mentoring, and employment training. Through its 53 years of history, OFS has established itself as one of the country's foremost training programs for emerging adults.

As executive director, McMahon will oversee the nonprofit’s nine programs, including high school diploma attainment, driver’s education, advanced training in construction and conservation, career counseling, and more, all of which are free for participants.


“Brian has over 25 years of experience working right alongside the young adults in our community,” says Jeff Russell, President of OFS’s Board of Directors, “He has evolved with the organization and demonstrated a deep commitment and loyalty to the mission of OFS. He is uniquely qualified to lead us forward in continuing the good work of serving young adults in collaboration with our community partners, donors, and friends.”


McMahon first joined Operation Fresh Start in 1998 as a construction crew supervisor for what is now called Legacy, a high school alternative where students earn their diplomas while serving their community as AmeriCorps members. He has grown with the organization, becoming the placement coordinator in 2004 and then deputy director in 2011, where he has worked closely with the outgoing executive director, Greg Markle. Prior to OFS, McMahon worked as a carpenter and parks ranger.


“I was first attracted to OFS because it gave me a chance to build affordable housing and the potential to incorporate green and energy star programs into our building practices,” McMahon said, “I quickly came to realize, though, that the real product of OFS is our participants’ futures. I wholly believe in our vision that all emerging adults are assets in our community.”


Operation Fresh Start is in the fourth year of its current five-year strategic plan. The organization has experienced noticeable growth in that time. In 2026, the next five-year strategic plan will begin. In the next year, preparations such as a 360-degree assessment of programming and exploration of new opportunities will be underway. The strategic planning process involves OFS participants, staff, board of directors, volunteers, and community stakeholders.


“The organization has talented and dedicated staff and a collaborative culture,” said McMahon, “Because we have maintained core principles while developing a healthy diversification of work platforms and programs, OFS has positioned itself to continue to build and expand upon our mission and vision. This is an exciting time for OFS.”


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