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Preparing my legacy with a planned gift

By Jody Weyers, Development Director

Last year my mom passed away. This life-changing event, along with my approaching 50th birthday, really has me thinking about the legacy I want to leave behind and how I want some of my life savings to make a difference to causes and organizations I am passionate about.

According to’s 2023 Wills and Estate Planning Study, 64% of Americans think it's very or somewhat important to have an estate plan. However, Americans' actions do not line up with their views on estate planning. Despite how many people think it's important, only 34% of Americans actually have a will or estate plan in place.

I am part of the 64%, but before I turn 50 this February, I am making a commitment to be part of the 34% and have an estate plan in place.

I am choosing to include Operation Fresh Start (OFS) as part of my estate plan to ensure the future of the organization and for my gift to continue to empower emerging adults for years to come.

Jody Lau and Bea seated on the Jack Osteraas memorial bench outside of Operation Fresh Start
From left to right: Jody Weyers, Development Director, Lau Christensen, Bea Christensen, OFS board members

I hope you will join me in becoming a member of the Jack Osteraas Heritage Society by including OFS in your will or estate. Jack founded OFS over 50 years ago with the vision to provide young people with the opportunity to learn basic work skills, a place to receive support and mentorship, and a place to help young people secure life-sustaining employment. Your planned gift will help continue Jack’s legacy of providing a safe, supportive environment for young people aged 16-24 in our community.

To strengthen and secure the future of Operation Fresh Start, we have a goal of inspiring and documenting 30 planned gifts over the next year. To achieve this important goal, we are honored to share that Lau and Bea Christensen, OFS board and fellow Jack Osteraas Heritage Society members, will be contributing $1,000 to OFS for each donor (up to $30,000) who makes a commitment to join us in making OFS part of their legacy plan.

Learn more about the Jack Osteraas Heritage Society and how your gift will create a lasting legacy for the young people we serve.


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