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Professional development & paid internship

Healthcare Academy Nursing Assistant students (Nunu, Elizabeth, Ashanti and Zee)._edited.j

UW Health CNA Program participants Nunu, Elizabeth, Ashanti, and Zee with Ms. Jasmine (center)

About CareerPoint

CareerPoint is a program dedicated to preparing you for success and guiding you into a great career. Learn new concepts and strengthen your skills in the Essential Skills training while earning a stipend! Once you're feeling confident and ready to implement your new skills in the workforce, you'll start a paid job training hosted by one of our community partners. This is an opportunity for you to continue learning on the job and navigating a modern, professional work environment. But don’t worry! Every step of the way, you’ll be supported through mentorship from your employer and your OFS CareerPoint team.

Our next cohort starts September 25! Apply by Friday, September 8 for the UW Credit Union financial services pathway to start your career as a Teller.

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Ages 18–24 in Dane County

High school diploma or GED/HSED

Program Outcomes

Essential Skills Training

Learn professional skills such as communication and workplace etiquette that will help you navigate modern careers. This training will be 8 weeks, part-time with a morning schedule, and you will earn a stipend upon completion.

Paid Job Training

After completing Essential Skills training, you will pick an industry-specific paid, full-time job training hosted by one of our community partners.


Every step of the way, your OFS team will be with you to troubleshoot problems, provide support, and celebrate every victory. Even after program completion, your coordinator will continue providing guidance to ensure your success.

CareerPoint starts September 25! Apply by September 8 for the UW Credit Union financial services pathway

Meet the CareerPoint Staff

Lydia Partee.jpg

CareerPoint Coordinator

Hello! I’m Lydia Partee, the CareerPoint Coordinator at Operation Fresh Start. In my role, I’ve taken all my real-life, hands-on career experiences and synthesized them, creating a valuable skill set and making my experiences a useful tool for you while navigating today’s professional work environments.


Together we will explore professionalism, career exploration, and etiquette, and ultimately I’ll help you to access career-advancing opportunities. I am passionate about the work I do as I believe I'm being, to you, who I needed when I was your age.

CareerPoint Informational Flyer

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