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OFS Programs are designed to transform lives at a critical time in a young person’s life. Our programs provideĀ a path forward for disconnected youth in Dane County, ages 16-24, through mentoring, education, and employment training, leading to completing high school and continuing their education and/or self-sustaining employment.


OFS Drive (our Newest Program!)
Do you need your driver license for work or school?

Are your 18 to 24 years old?

Are you ready to work toward your goals?

OFS Drive can help you reach your goals.

OFS Legacy
Do you need your high school diploma?

Are you ready to work?

Are you 16 to 24 years old?

OFS Legacy can help you reach your goals.

Are you looking to earn more money through job training and work experience?

Are you 17 to 24 years old with a diploma, HSED or GED?

Our STRIVE Program can help you reach your goals.

Do you need to get your diploma or HSED/GED, but aren’t sure which program is right for you?

Are you 18 to 24 years old?

Our Options Program can help you explore your options.

Graduate Crew
Are you looking for more construction trades experience before beginning an apprenticeship?

Do you have some experience in Construction?

The OFS Grad Crew can help you gain the skills and experience you need to begin a career in the construction trades.

We are grateful to our Partners and Funders who make these programs and opportunities a reality for Dane County youth.