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Healthcare Academy

Start a career in healthcare


Beatrice, 2022 Healthcare Academy graduate

About Healthcare Academy

Healthcare Academy participants receive support from Operation Fresh Start while they're enrolled in a 12-week Nursing Assistant Apprenticeship Program at UW Health. You’ll complete a medical terminology course, lecture and lab, plus hands-on training in a clinical setting.


By the end of the program, you’ll have the opportunity to take the state licensure exam to become a certified nursing assistant (CNA). You'll also be eligible to interview for available Nursing Assistant positions at UW Health hospitals. 


High school graduates ages 17–24 

Program Outcomes

What are you looking to achieve? Healthcare Academy can help you reach all of these goals and more!

Earn while you learn

Gain experience through the UW Health Nursing Assistant Apprenticeship Program. Competitive starting pay of $17 / hour and benefit eligible!

Hands-on training

Participate in direct patient care tasks, processes, and procedures to assist members of a patient care team in providing a broad range of healthcare services to patients as a Nursing Assistant in a hospital setting. This includes assisting with daily activities of daily living, patient transportation, and stocking.

Earn certifications

Complete CPR and Basic Life Support (BLS) certifications

Ability to test for free 

Have the opportunity to take the Nursing Assistant state licensure exam (FOR FREE) in order to become a certified nursing assistant (CNA)

Prepare to start your career at UW Health

Make a positive impact in patients' lives at the #1 hospital in Wisconsin. Upon successful completion of the program and placement on registry, participants will be interviewed and may transfer to units throughout the hospitals in available Nursing Assistant positions.

Please check back spring 2024 for our next cohort!

Meet the Healthcare Academy Staff

We look forward to you calling us to start your OFS Healthcare Academy experience.


Jasmine Banks

Program Manager

Hi, my name is Jasmine Banks, Program Manager at Operation Fresh Start.  As the mother of a Registered Nurse and a caregiver to both of my parents, I have the utmost respect for those who have been called to work in the healthcare field.  By no means is it easy work, but it is incredibly rewarding.  Having the option to obtain your Nursing Assistant certification through Operation Fresh Start Healthcare Academy for FREE may not be easy but will be so worth it! 

More About the Healthcare Academy Program

Healthcare Academy can help you become a certified nursing assistant FOR FREE!

The Healthcare Academy program eliminates the financial burden that comes with beginning a healthcare career. Avoid tuition and state certification fees. Instead, you'll earn while you learn!

The UW Health Nursing Assistant Apprenticeship Program helps you gain experience working in a hospital setting and learn why this role is rewarding.

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If you’re interested in a healthcare career but don’t know where to start, Healthcare Academy can help!

Healthcare Academy will set you up for career advancement by addressing barriers that young adults face. OFS staff members will address your individual needs and connect you with resources like food, housing, transportation, mental health care and child care. You’ll learn about different healthcare career paths and make connections with local employers.