Success Stories

Operation Fresh Start’s goal for each of its participants is that they attain success through connection to work and education. 80% of those who enroll complete the program, getting their high school diplomas, enrolling in post-secondary education or entering unsubsidized employment. Follow-up studies show that 82% of OFS graduates are currently in post-secondary education or jobs averaging $11.85/hour. Eighty-four percent have remained free of criminal offense. In its 45 years of service, OFS has enrolled over 7,300 young people, and its construction training crews have built or re-built 230 homes sold to first-time, low-income buyers or leased to very low-income households.


Click here to read full article: Operation Fresh Start Provides Area Youth on the Job Training, Academic Resources

Watch the above video: Fresh Start and Madison Area Land Trust Team Up to Complete Affordable Green Home
Building a home is not unlike building a future. You want to create something beautiful….and sustainable. That is what happened through a unique partnership between Operation Fresh Start and the Madison Area Community Land Trust. The two agencies teamed up to produce a unique green renovation project for the Land Trust, an organization that provides permanently affordable housing options. Young people from Operation Fresh Start rebuilt an old home to be attractive, but also energy-efficient and enduring.

The clip below is from Green View, MG&E’s renewable energy channel. Click to see how the Land Trust and Fresh Start are building better homes and better lives.