At OFS, both the worksite and the classroom are educational settings.  Twice per week, OFS Legacy participants work in the classroom to study core academic subjects like math, reading, writing, and civics.  Under the guidance of certified teachers, participants direct their own learning to meet their personalized learning goals.  They have opportunities to work independently, and with teachers or skilled tutors who provide small group and one-on-one instruction.

OFS Legacy participants develop a portfolio that demonstrates the skills, knowledge, and experiences they have gained. Participant progress is measured in our “Gateways,” which are benchmarks for growth that include goals in academic progress, professional certification, attendance, and career planning.


Highlights of the OFS Legacy Curriculum

  • Assessment of individual academic needs when entering the program
  • Creation of individual educational goals
  • Instruction in meeting benchmark goals in:
    • Math, Reading, Writing, Civics
  • Focus on practical academic skills (e.g., financial math) and life skills development
  • Development of a career plan that maps future career goals and a plan to meet them [See “Career Services” for more information about career planning and preparation]
  • Driver’s License attainment, including DL recovery support


Participants earn a Diploma or HSED: Upon completion of the Gateways, participants earn either a high school diploma from their home school district (if OFS has a contract with that district) or an HSED.

Participants also earn an Education Award to help pay for college: All participants are AmeriCorps members and earn money that is available to pay for college tuition. Details about the AmeriCorps Education Award can be found here.


Links to Madison College (MATC)
Since 1970, Madison College (MATC) has been a close partner with OFS in supporting graduates as they transition to part or full-time enrollment at Madison College. In the past 8 years, Madison College has assigned a Counseling Center counselor to be the “point of contact” for OFS students and graduates. The counselor works with OFS participants and graduates on an individual basis to help them match interests and labor market opportunities to Madison College course work; to set up class-shadowing opportunities; navigate Madison College’s financial aid program and admissions process; to learn about student life; and, to find support services when needed. Most importantly, the counselor welcomes and works closely with OFS’ staff who follow OFS students as they transition to post-secondary education programs.