Graduate Crew

About: Operation Fresh Start has been in the building and rehabbing business for over forty years. The Graduate Crew includes a professional contractor and four or five former Operation Fresh Start Legacy participants who have competed to be placed on this advanced construction crew.

Qualifications: Individuals on the Graduate Crew each have nearly two years of building experience prior to being selected. In addition, individuals on the crew have completed their high school education requirements, received their OSHA 10-Hour Safety Certification, and
most have completed the PACT (Pre-Apprenticeship Certificate Training)
Construction curriculum.

PACT is a Department of Labor recognized construction certificate program developed by The Home Builders Institute, the workforce development arm of the National Association of Home Builders. Similar to the traditional apprenticeship system, 80%
of the curriculum is taught
on our construction sites,
while the remaining 20% is classroom activities.

Once a member of the Graduate Crew, individuals receive their lead worker abatement training and certification.

Graduate Crew gives youth real work experience on our hire-for-service construction crew. Youth who complete this program enter into family supporting construction jobs. In our Graduate Crew Program, we have a 96% placement rate of program completers and an 86% retention rate in apprenticeships.

Let’s Get to Work!  Click on the links below to discover how together, we can get your job done and help our graduates continue toward sustainable employment in
the trades.Eligible Work Activities
To request a bid please contact Jason Henkins, Graduate Crew Supervisor
      Phone: 815-564-8587 

Our path to apprenticeship partnership with J.H. Findorff & Son, Inc. is made possible by Wisconsin Fast Forward.

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As a result of the Building Futures Campaign, Graduate Crew platform will continue to give youth real work experience on our fee-for-service construction crew. Youth who complete this program enter into family supporting construction jobs.