Future Programs

crew-group-photo-300x300As a result of the Building Futures Campaign, the following will occur:

Youth Mentoring Program will increase. This program provides community member mentors to youth transitioning from an Operation Fresh Start program.  These could be industry specific and/or general mentors providing youth additional support and connection through their first two years of employment and/or post-secondary.

Career Specific Trainings will begin in the new space. This includes pre-apprenticeship/micro-enterprise opportunities for youth in local food processing, wood working and conservation.  The program will be modeled on the successful Graduate Crew model supported by fee-for-service revenue.

Employment Training/Transition Services will increase. These are services for under-employed or unemployed youth.  Providing additional either industry specific and/or general employment ability training for individuals 18 – 24 years old.  This is short-term programming focuses on job search, preparation, linkage with training opportunities and post-employment retention coaching.  This would be altering the current Job Center system to provide for a separate front door and services for youth.

In our future home, we will have more space for partnerships and programs. Imagine what is possible. If you’d like to partner in the development of new programming in our future home, please contact Greg Markle, OFS Executive Director at gmarkle@operationfreshstart.org.