Our Impact

Operation Fresh Start’s goal for each of its participants is that they attain success through connection to work and education. In general 76% of those who enroll in our programs attain their high school diplomas, enroll in post-secondary education, or gain employment. OFS has enrolled over 8,000 young people since its inception in 1970.

Our focus on diploma attainment and employment is not only life-transforming for our participants, it also makes good fiscal sense for our community. 

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OFS Legacy helps reduce recidivism by four times.

In our Graduate Crew Program, we have a 96% placement rate of program completers and an 86% retention rate in apprenticeships.

Operation Fresh Start’s primary mission is provide disconnected youth and young adults a path to self-sufficiency. However, our secondary outcomes have tremendous impact, as well. Through our Legacy programming, OFS youth construction crews build affordable housing for first time homebuyers. Learn more about an OFS home and crew by watching the video below.

Every year OFS youth conservation crews restore and beautify Dane County Parks and other public lands. Learn more about our work on Prairie Moraine County Park here.

Want to learn more about our impact? Call 244-4721 to schedule a time to visit our programs.