Donate Stock

A donation of long term appreciated securities – stock held longer than one year which has appreciated in value – is one the most tax efficient ways to give.  A tax deduction can be taken for the full market value of the donated securities.  Taxes normally due on the capital gain do not apply.

If Stock is held by broker or agent:

Upon your instruction, your bank or broker can transfer stock to Operation Fresh Start, Inc. directly with the information below.

Broker:   Monona State Bank-LPL Financial
Account name:  Operation Fresh Start, Inc.
DTC Number:  0075
Account number:  60078123

If Stock is held in certificate form:

Deliver the unendorsed stock certificate along with a completed letter of transmittal (see attached) to the address listed below.  In a separate envelope deliver an executed stock power.

Mail to: Operation Fresh Start
Attention: Gregory Markle
1925 Winnebago Street
Madison, WI 53704

If your certificate represents more shares than you wish to donate, the transfer agent will issue a new certificate in your name for the remaining balance.

Please contact Gregory Markle, Executive Director, at 608-244-4721 or, with any questions about donating stock shares to Operation Fresh Start.