16-17 Partners and Supporters

It is often said, “it takes a village.” We couldn’t agree more. The community of volunteers, donors, funders and partner organizations that come together to help us fulfill our mission are critical to youth success.

Look what we accomplished in the 16-17 fiscal year! We raised $1,175,329 towards the Building Futures Capital Campaign, while still raising over $150,000 from private donors and corporations for our annual programming. You can feel proud that you are addressing the community’s critical achievement gap and racial disparity issues through your support of Operation Fresh Start, but the job isn’t done yet. Your support is still needed to help us finish up the capital campaign and maintain our current programs as we gear up for future expansion.

Thank you to our volunteers! Whether you are a tutor, board member, or committee member, we couldn’t do it without you. Our volunteers are dedicated and put in a great deal of time.  THANK YOU!

In addition, about a dozen community volunteers from the business community helped to build OFS’ future home. In the coming fiscal year, there will be many more!


Adams Collaborate Project puts OFS on Billboards
Thank you to Adams Outdoor Advertising of Madison for the generous donation of billboards through their Collaborate project. OFS was selected to be one of seven nonprofits that will have a billboard campaign throughout Dane County this year. The billboards “went up” around May 2017 and created a positive message and brand awareness for the organization. We love our positive billboards, which promote OFS and its participants.

Workforce Development Board of South Central Wisconsin
In 2017 the partnership with Workforce Development Board of South Central Wisconsin really ramped up!  As part of this partnership, the Workforce Development Board increased their investment in older youth including more funding for internships and on the job training as youth transition from Operation Fresh Start. We also furthered our connection to Madison College instruction.

This partnership with WDBSCW has also allowed us to add a Resource Specialist position. The position has provided OFS participants with assistance to meet their basic needs, such as housing, mental health, ATOD, and transportation, by providing hands-on guidance and advocacy. We are excited about how this partnership will develop over the next year.

Infamous Mothers
This past year, Operation Fresh Start dove into exploring cultural awareness and staff/ participant interactions.  We were helped through this process by Sagashus Levingston of Infamous Mothers Sagashus provided Cultural Awareness and Sensitivity training that went far beyond the scheduled ½ day training.  She met with staff before and after the training, did a focus group with participants, engaged in programming, and gained a greater understanding of what we do to make sure that her training was tailor-made to have the greatest impact on our organization.

City of Madison Engineering
Victoria, a former participant, may very well be working in your neighborhood as an employee of the City of Madison. This is because of a deep partnership forming with the City of Madison.

This partnership has really taken off in 2017 through:

  • providing work opportunities for OFS participants on Madison’s public lands
  • engaging our youth in limited term employment
  • the hiring of former participants, which may lead to further opportunities to work together to make Madison a better place for all of us in the next year